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We’re constantly composing a symphony of suds, sours and seltzers. Check back frequently to find out what’s on tap. 


What sounds good? Our beermaestro will be happy to pour something that resonates with your taste buds. 

Acoustic APA

A dry-hopped American session-style pale ale with a taste that has no need of amplification. Floral and citrus notes and a crisp, light refreshing taste round out this simple melody. Gluten reduced.

Squeeze Play East-Coast IPA

Tropical on the nose and fruity on the mouthpiece. A great, low-bitter IPA for wetting the whistle before belting out a few bars of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”

Black Friday Irish Stout

This traditional, toasty, malty, Irish Stout is mocha-like, featuring chocolate and coffee notes. Yes, it might be dark, but it’s easy drinking. Not heavy at all. Perfect for those who’d rather sip than shop.

Jam Session Sour

Start riffing and somehow you get a sour that tastes like a liquid sweet tart. With minimal hop flavor, the free-flowing notes of the fruit take the lead. So even if you’re not a sour fan, try this. Because that’s what improvisation is all about.  Ask your server about today's flavors.

Enigma Double Brown English Ale 

Malty, caramel taste and smooth, mellow finish, but not quite the profile of an English brown ale—making this one as curious as Edward Elgar’s Enigma Variations. Gluten reduced.

Tiny Bubbles Hard Seltzer

Not into beer?  We may not understand, but we do accept!  Tiny Bubbles is our hard seltzer offering.  We swap out flavors of this on a regular basis, currently our "red berry" offering is a blend of Lingonberry, Cherry, and Raspberry.

Winter Wit

We cold-steeped our Belgian wheat beer on coriander, orange peel and chamomile. It gives this light-colored, easy ABV, traditional witbier a perfectly balanced taste. Because in Minnesota, you have to embrace the cold.


Summer in a glass!  An American-style wheat beer, with a good dose of tangerine added to ... um ... help keep you hydrated!

Two-Pac Traditional West Coast IPA 

Assertive bitterness met with citrus, pine and grapefruit peel that comes out in mad beats and bars. A west coast style worthy of a west coast namesake. (We're in between batches of this at the moment, but we'll have it back online soon.

Can-Can Kölsch

A summer beer brewed in the traditional style from Cologne, Germany.  Light enough that it won't slow down your dance moves!


JS Bach. Bock beer. That’s a homonym too perfect to pass up. Made with traditional Bavarian lager yeast, Munich malt and Hallertauer hops, this dark wonder has some ABV kick while remaining the sweet, liquid bread it was meant to be. You’ll have fun just ordering this one.

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